Homes for the holidays

I’ve found these golden houses so compelling and enjoyable, as well as meaningful, to work on. Although the final state of the piece is not yet clear. I tried a few things with them and finally decided it wanted to stitch them all together in a cluster, without any background for now. It felt like connecting households in this season of COVID was especially symbolic.

The assemblage is temporarily pinned to a piece of netting. I may stitch it down and cut out the negative space (also a symbolic act, eh?). I may also quilt it a bit to give it some puff. Or it may become a pillow cover. Anyway, it is fun to work on. Before I do anything else, I may need to add more features – doors, windows, stairs, shingles – because that is just so satisfying.

Love the suggestion of roofing shingles in blanket stitch
Piecing the neighborhood together
Pinned temporarily to some netting
Looking through, the negative spaces really show up

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  1. April 30, 2021

    […] inspired me of course to pull out my golden houses from last year and take another look at them. Last time I worked on these I stitched them all together at the corners to create a kind of neighborhood cluster. But I was […]

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