Scrap books

I had to refresh my acquaintance with my stash of scraps when I was doing the scraps diary. One of the many benefits of that practice! Once I started, I kept going into all the various places paper lives. Quite naturally signatures and covers paired up, like dating couples. Three books sprang into life. I didn’t think too hard about it, just made the signatures larger or smaller as called for, chose threads, punched holes, and sewed.

Blue covers are scraps from a paste paper workshop with Abbie Read. Beige cover is an eco-print.
I think this mostly uses up the blue paste paper.
Bindings: one cross stitch, two bow stitch, one double pamphlet

Cross stitch binding from here: Embroidered at WNYBAC h

Bow stitch binding from here: Facebook – VintagePageDesigns, How to Make a Handmade Bow Stitch Journal

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