Zati mask

A feeling of accomplishment – I’ve wanted to weave a mask like this for years, since I first saw it in Susan Barrett Merrill’s book The Art of Weaving a Life. It has taken quite a while to get here. A slow accumulation of equipment and skills. It doesn’t seem easy, but it has to get easier from here, now that I’ve gotten the setup and the schematic figured out.

Mask on the loom (Mirrix Saffron)
Mask off the loom, shaped by pulling warps

I need to evaluate what to do with those loopy warps. The warp on this one is 12/12 seine twine, rather thick and not easy to hide. It does unravel though – maybe I can cut it shorter and fan it out into a fluffy fringe. The weft is leftover sock weight yarn from Crochet Project makes.

I want to make another! More of a chin on the next one. I kept meticulous records of the steps so that I could recreate and adjust.

It’s meaningful to me to create a figure with some personality – a companion, I guess. Feels Godlike.

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