Jar dyeing escapades

Jar dyeing threads is like the entry way to major dyeing efforts. It is so easy to start and then before I know it, I have a bunch of jars of dye stuff that I don’t want to waste. And I have to start some serious dyeing.

I’m happy with this collection of threads though. I will try weaving with them. The colors are so earthy and pleasant.

Jars of dye: madder extract, cochineal bugs, logwood extract, walnut (rehydrated from shards), yellow onion skin, red onion skin

Most of the threads dyed are eight full arms’ lengths of Beautiful Silks cotton-silk blend, Y05. I learned about this thread from India Flint and I overenthusiastically bought a lot of thread that had to be shipped all the way from Australia.

Overview of thread colors

Once I dye the initial colors, then I have to adjust the colors with additives to get more colors! In this case, I added some chalk, iron-vinegar solution, cream of tartar (CoT), and soda ash. It’s fun to have all these things on hand.

I just threw some fabric scraps into the jars to dye along with the threads. I particularly like the way the organza strip took up the yellow onion skin dye. And the lace square dipped in logwood got some nice dark gradient around the edges.

An out-of-focus picture of some overdyed fabric scraps.

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