Wee teabag book

This little book came to me upon waking one day. And I had to give it a try.

I’ve been saving these silky tea bags from a tin of tea, and with another pot or two made, I was done with the tea. I had enough empty bags to make a decently chunky book. I needed to carefully open the bags along three edges, and clean any stray tea leaves out of them. Then I wrapped the closed edges with little strips of paper to stabilize them. The paper was from a scrap of BFK Rives. I dyed the wrappers with tea so they would blend nicely.

Tea bags with wrappers
The pile is quite springy. Also slippery. I’m holding it in place to try to judge how the spine will look.

To make the covers, I cut four little rectangles of the Rives paper and stained them with a little leftover walnut dye. I got some nice patterns by not being too careful with it, so it pooled up. Then I glued two rectangles together and folded them in half, giving me a front and a back cover.

Next step, I used the Coptic stitch to bind the book. It was tricky because the papers were pretty soft and smushy. If I ever do this again, I will use firmer paper to wrap the edges.

View from the front
View from the top, showing the wrappers
The tea bags are nice and fluffy
On the windowsill, on a foggy day

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