Handmade paper from Share Studios

My order of Au Naturel handmade paper is in! Made right here in Ellsworth by local papermaker Stephanie Hare, of Share Studios. Beautifully wrapped. It’s so nice I’m going to have to overcome a huge barrier of inertia to make something with it.

Description of this paper from her website:

Lovely bleached Abaca and natural Kozo make for a lusciously textured and earthy white. Nice and smooth, with a woven texture, and a sturdy weight (but still slightly sheer) this blend offers a more “natural” tone, as the long kozo fibers and bits of bark speckle the sheet. So wabi sabi pretty.


I got 80 sheets of letter size, 20 small squares, and 10 large squares. I am really looking forward to making some books and folded objects with this paper.

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