Cyanotypes with lupine leaves

Iā€™m working on my repertoire of techniques. I pressed some lupine leaves, which have wonderful dramatic rayed shapes. Then laid them over the cyanotype solution which I painted on these little four-winds folded booklets. The pink borders came from an earlier dip in leftover madder/cochineal dye. The whole thing was sandwiched between two layers of plexiglass and then clipped together for stability. Left out in sun! It’s a pretty simple process, so reason why I should experiment with it a lot more.

Cyanotypes in process
Resulting prints

Later update: I totally forgot the step of rinsing out the cyanotype solution afterwards. Unfortunately these prints faded quite dramatically. I’m not sure if this is because they weren’t rinsed? Probably. I tried it again and didn’t get such lovely blotchy results, but remembered to rinse. Actually started to tear the booklets at the fold. I may need to make cyanotypes before folding the pages to avoid this tearing. Continuous improvement.

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