I did some assessment of the new techniques I’ve been exploring to develop interesting pages for my handmade books. I have quite a collection forming, which is gratifying.

I realized that I don’t want to bind my stacks of experiments because they are too diverse and don’t tell a cohesive story (except that I’m experimenting). But I could do more with them. Maybe add more layers. Or choose a favorite and make similar pages to go in a coherent book.

From top left:

  • Stack of watercolor monotype experiments
  • Asemic writing with fine line applicator folded into an accordion
  • Stack of Arches Text Wove experiments treated with matte medium and methyl cellulose mixture plus color, as taught by Suzanne Moore
  • Three sets of folded single page booklets decorated with gesso, acrylic, collage, cyanotype. I will bind these together.
  • Reusable cover for tall concertina sketchbook. Bookcloth made from ecoprint using eucalyptus. Not quite finished.

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