Late summer dyeing

My blogs were down for awhile. I changed something that had a drastic effect and it has taken awhile to get back to posting. My gardening blog is still not working right, in fact. I like to post from my phone but all attempts for that blog fail. I haven’t figured it out yet, but I’m tired of messing around with it. I almost decided to stop blogging all together. But upon some reflection, I realized I’d miss it. Nevertheless, I have decided to clean up and consolidate my online life, starting with some sites I never use and then some photo storage sites, which are full of duplicates. Sigh. Not something I want to do, but I feel it’s necessary at this time.

On a more fun topic, I used late summer blooms to dye several pieces of linen. The light blue on the left, and the white on the right. The plants were tansy, yarrow, and goldenrod. There is quite a variety of luscious color in there. These were all soaked in soy milk prior to dyeing and now they are kind of stiff. I’m letting them cure for awhile and then will rinse them out.

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