Continuing my squares construction effort in the mornings. I’m up to 33 two-inch squares.

Some are from Jude’s threadcrumbs moons and shapes. Some are from Deb Lacativa’s dyed patches. Some are random stash cloth that volunteered to become stitched squares. Some are sort of wonky, not quite square – although I use a template, I haven’t been pre-ironing and edges slip out of alignment easily. Some feature the back of the fabric for a paler look, but I don’t mind some vibrancy here and there. Some are very thin and others a little too hard or thick. A mixed bag. It’s satisfying to me to pack up the whole effort in a little cloth project bag every day when I’m done stitching.

33 2-inch squares

When I finish this batch of cut cloth, I’m going to move on to something else. I’ll probably just leave the squares loose for now, even though some have an affinity for others.

This has been enjoyable though, so simple. I notice that I like a little arithmetic with my projects. There’s some affinity with numbers going on.

Zinnias and some thyme

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