The khaki world

I found the pants I was looking for. In the ragbag. Of course. One half leg is gone, but plenty remains to be cut and ironed and turned into squares or strips. This khaki color is so dull, but it appeals to me a lot especially as we move into November. Even with the bright sunshine, I feel darkness encroaching.

Squares forming. Can’t easily tell from the photo which are stitched together and which are still free-floating. They are gradually coming together, gathering. I feel happiness looking at them. Maybe this is really simple-minded of me, but I find it delightful that four two-inch squares make a four-inch square. And I am intrigued with the darkness and gradual introduction of lighter colors.

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  1. Joanne in Maine says:

    And those pockets will make amazing squares.

  2. Liz A says:

    I love the khaki … it makes the blues and purples fairly glow

  3. jude says:


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