A little magic

Hospital waiting room nine-patch. Sam’s heart surgery is done as of about an hour ago. I had a perfect little bit of stitching magic to keep me company while waiting. I did okay, time passed quickly. I didn’t mind being alone until right at the end, waiting for the surgeon to update me. It’s hard on people because only one person is allowed to wait, due to covid restrictions. I’m lucky they let me in at all. Some places don’t. Visiting hours are 2-4 pm only for next few days. Four, five or six days – they are vague at this point.

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  1. jude says:

    your crazy little black stitches are just saying everything about holding…

    • Catherine says:

      When I looked at the stitches from the front, I thought – yikes. Supposed to be “invisible” baste. But yes, that’s just how it was.

  2. as jude says…the stitches say it all. Perfect.

  3. Marti says:

    Holding healing thought for Sam and holding calming thoughts for you. It is good that you will be allowed to be with him while he recovers from his heart surgery. Your patches were an inspired way to handle the time of waiting; may his recovery go smoothly.

  4. Liz A says:

    to stitch while waiting … this little cloth will hold that memory

    so glad to hear Sam made it safely through surgery … may his healing be uncomplicated and sooner rather than later … being home together will be such a gift

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