Snow on spruce

We went to the Co-op today to do a big grocery shopping in advance of the coming snowstorm. They are still predicting 15″ for Saturday. That’s a lot of snow, more than we’ve had for a few years. Sam is doing remarkably well. He can’t shovel snow obviously but we plowed together in a trial run yesterday. There was just an inch or two of new snow on the driveway. I drove the pickup truck and he operated the plow. It worked okay, but it’s a different story to do it in a foot of snow! We’ll see how it goes.

That kind of major grocery run takes all day. That’s my mantra, but I seem to forget how time-consuming it is. I always think I’ll have time to work on (play with) one of my projects. I did have a few minutes, so I got my playtime. I took a photo recently of these spruce boughs with a layer of snow. I just love the pattern the snow makes, how it simplifies the branch structure. I can probably use this for something. The gray-on-white one is especially pretty.

On black background
On white background

I am finding GIMP almost impossible to work with because 1) the screen text is intolerably small and 2) it has way more complicated features than I will ever need or understand. There’s no reason why I should have to struggle with this. I need to find a new image editing tool. I refuse to use Adobe products that want to rope me into cloud-based software. There has to be something else out there…

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  1. how they hold the snow like uplifted palms

  2. Liz A says:

    we have been watching Landscape Artist of the Year episodes on YouTube and saw one artist who used a subtractive process by cutting multiple stencils through which he reconstructed his view of each landscape … your sequence of images puts me in mind of that and I quite like the final image best, but especially within the context of the two that precede it

    and glad to know you are well-provisioned … fifteen inches, yikes!

    • Catherine says:

      The spruce image really interests me and I might play with it some more. Visualizing it as a weaving with three colors, but that would be a stretch for me! Maybe an applique also?

  3. Nancy says:

    A whole new pattern/look created! It’s beautiful and it does sound like a lot of snow to me!

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