The morning star

Venus glows beautifully in the early morning sky.

These photos are only a few minutes apart. The light changes fast.

More shoveling and plowing today. More snow coming later in the week.

My mom is not doing well. She’s 92, in assisted living in Connecticut. Thinking about her a lot. She taught me to sew and kept me supplied with sampler kits from a young age. I resisted her influence on me for most of my life. Coming to a more balanced view now, feels calmer.

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  1. Liz A says:

    I love the synchronicity as I too was watching Venus a day earlier … getting up before dawn is always rewarding

    so sorry to hear that your mom is not doing well … and thinking I can relate to your musing about a mother’s influence and our response to it … my mom also kept me well-supplied in needlework kits, although she claimed she couldn’t teach me how as she was left-handed so I was left to figure it out for myself using the enclosed charts … a gift really, in self-reliance and learning …

    may your mother’s days be peaceful and may your sense of balance and calm continue

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