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The pile of squares is always there. And I’m very grateful for that.

I’ve been hemming squares and stitching them together lately. It is a good activity when something simple and grounding is needed. I’ve been involving myself in a lot of learning experiences that are very time-consuming and really – too much. Another reminder that I need to avoid a lot of commitments if I want to feel comfortable and spacious.

Today I spread out my piles of squares and made some calculations and some decisions. I have two types basically, 3″ x 3″ sewn into strips and 4″ x 4″ sewn into 4-patches. The strips and squares don’t quite align in width – the sewn-together strips measure out to either 39″ (at top) or 27″ (ones with gold). And the squares are multiples of 8, so 40″ (or something else depending on how it goes together).

Strips and squares laid out, no real attention to color alignment, just shape

I’m going to extend the 27″ strips to 39″. Then I’m going to stitch a set of little 1″x3″ towers to extend my strips to 40″ if I want to. Besides that new stuff, I still have a lot of strips and four-patches to stitch together. And I’m interested in a larger area or maybe several larger areas of solid restful color to reduce the busy aspect.

Getting to these decisions involved some math. Not a bad thing when I’m trying to restore a sense of order.

I’m happy to say this project has evolved enough (almost effortlessly!) to become something pretty substantial. I made a tag to follow its progress. So for now just called “khaki cloth.” There are no longer reds and oranges in this cloth. I set them aside, they will have to be included elsewhere. Or maybe I will have a patch of them inside this one somehow.

6 Responses

  1. Liz A says:

    I can imagine how the reds and oranges could become a fire within …

  2. jude says:

    i love a never ending puzzle

  3. Nancy says:

    Love these colors! And good mail too 😉 I’ve been sending a friend #goodmail this year.

    • Catherine says:

      I love the colors too. I’m really enjoying the color potential of patchwork. I just looked again at the good mail envelope and noticed the inside is covered with little golden dots, perfect collage material! Pack rat tendencies activated 🙂

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