Snow ceremonies

In the morning, I’ve been working on stitching for the khaki cloth components. I’ve finished the eight strips, unless I decide to do a little more stitching on the threadcrumb patches.

I’ve noticed both a slowing down and a desire to rush to finish these components. I want to lay out the whole again and get an idea of the form that’s developing. I think about taking a whole day and just stitching up the remaining four inch four-patches. But it works so well to just stitch a few in the mornings. And I notice things that would normally escape me. I also have time to host some interactions between the cloth and the weather (landscape). It’s been enjoyable and a calming routine in the midst of the world’s events.

Today I took all eight strips out into the snow for a brief airing on the clothesline. I like the presence of the little tree at left, watching.

Clothesline snow ceremony
Seeds of stitch, attaching a threadcrumbs patch
I really like the interaction of the light purple and the brown leaf print (reversed). While I was stitching this group, the calligraphy instructions of Barbara Bash occurred to me. Symbolically write symbols for Heaven, Earth, and Human. I expanded “Human” to “In Between,” which feels much more inclusive and includes plants!
Interim photo outside in a morning snow-sun shower earlier in the week.
Another interim photo – this shows a set of “Heaven-Earth-and-InBetween” trios.
Another photo of today’s snow ceremony

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  1. Liz A says:

    thank you for the reminder to bring cloth out into the world … although here in Texas it will more likely be baking hot sun, even in winter

  2. Nancy says:

    Oh, this photo is grand! The airing of the cloth, the coming together with nature!

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