Women’s association with such knowledge extends back to some of the earliest surviving depictions of the human form: the ubiquitous sculpted female figurines of the last Ice Age with their woven headgear, string skirts and belts made of cord.

page 237, The Dawn of Everything

I googled for an image of these figurines with headgear, string skirts, and belts. I didn’t find a clear one, so I moved on. The string skirt makes me smile. I could manage to make a wearable belt and maybe the headgear, but a string skirt? I just liked this quote because it mentions clothes.

Meanwhile, on the homestead – wild blueberry picking. We harvest and freeze as much as we can so we don’t have to buy any.

I spend time in these spots only during the summer. I forget how interesting they can be.

Old piece of wood poking out of the blueberry bushes
Garden spider, guarding her web next to me
Northern catalpa tree I planted last fall, doing well

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  1. Liz A says:

    the blueberries look like other-worldly stars shining out from a green sky … they must taste amazing straight off the branch

    and I do love orb weavers … which seem like the best possible candidates for inspiring Charlotte’s Web

    • Catherine says:

      Aren’t they amazing? Not as thick here as they are in some commercial (although still wild) fields, where it looks like there’s a blue haze. And I am really happy to see the friendly orb weaver, always see at least one out there.

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