First snow

A gloomy day. Snow early this morning changed to a cold rain, temps in the 30s. We went grocery shopping. It takes all day and is not my favorite thing to do. Although I like the feeling of being well stocked with food.

Relocated hazelnut and first snowflakes this morning

We decided to relocate the large hazelnut. Not far, only a few feet to the right. It was obscuring the shed entrance where the car charger is. Brushing through it every time we park the car was getting tiresome and we didn’t want to prune it. I was skeptical about the whole process, envisioning the wall collapsing, an impossibly large root ball, or other calamity. But it only resulted in a broken electric meter, fixed late at night by the electric company. We didn’t lose power.

Yesterday, Sam relocating hazelnut with the tractor

I had a little time to work on the assembly of my red onion skin book. I finished punching the holes, next step sewing. Maybe tomorrow or Friday.

Assembling book

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