Schoodic bog revisit

This mountain is dominating my life. In a good way. Marvelous even.

Yesterday I went hiking with Deb along a trail that I walked pre-pandemic. It was good to revisit it. I didn’t remember the way, but many locations were familiar.

Once upon a time, Sam and I really wanted to kayak in the bog. We even bought an inflatable kayak, easier to carry in on the long route from the entrance we were familiar with. Yesterday I realized the route Deb and I took was a shorter distance between the parking area and the bog. So I’m thinking about kayaking there again. Maybe next summer.

Bench before mountain view
The lovely mysterious bog. Lots of beaver activity.
Another mountain view from an open granite ledge, sun lowering

I’m not getting any “work” done, meaning making things. Lots of errands, get-togethers, and spending time in the beautiful outdoors. Maybe this is my work right now. But I’m feeling a certain yearning-like confusion over how I spend my time.

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  1. Liz A says:

    always the dilemma of doing versus just being, even harder during the busy-ness of the holidays … good for you taking the time to be in this place

    and what a glorious series of photos … from the pre-pandemic photo to the here and now … especially the rusty carpet of pine needles, the reflections in the water and the stark white of birch trees against the evergreens

  2. grace says:

    have been wanting to say things about your Place. wanting to say them
    but that doesn’t seem to be how it is right now, so….just whatever gets out today….
    your photographs of your world. am Surprised by how much. I always so much like looking at other places people live and travel but really,
    your Maine is the first place i’ve thought….OH!….i could live there!!!!!…..OH! and have an accompanying urge to do it…like if i were years
    younger, i think i really would Move there. The only place i have really wanted to Move to was New Mexico…from childhood…. i
    was born and raised in Michigan….and by circuitousness, i did. Twenty some years till coming to this Hill in N. California.
    I LOVE, like my heart beats, the images in your photographs….there is a kind of Longing.
    maybe….maybe in my next life? But PLEASE continue…it’s next best to being there…
    and Oh, i almost forgot….i was waiting for your SNOW…..waiting for how it will feel to see snow on that Earth….i am not good with cold. Different
    living circumstances would make it easier, but still… i will anticipate what the Felt/Sense will be…
    Love to you and to Maine

    • Catherine says:

      I’ve been thinking about this love of place & especially for a place you don’t live. I’ve lived all over, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, California, Connecticut. But I know Maine is my home now. It’s a good feeling. Glad I can offer a vicarious experience of it to you. The winters are hard, yes.

  3. Nancy says:

    That bench, just for the viewing…no doing required! I love this 🙂

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