I took a longer walk today so I could visit the beach. Because who knows when I’ll see it again. Snow for the next few days, maybe a lot of it. Then ice as it melts and refreezes. Salt Pond Road will be treacherous to walk along without ice cleats.

The tide was in. I couldn’t cross the channel.

Most of Salt Pond Road was clear from the recent melting action. Just one icy patch remained. I walked on it carefully. Tomorrow this view will look very different.

The last icy patch on Salt Pond Road

This cabin block features a purple center and some luminous scraps. Several pieces were already stitched together. Why? I don’t remember. So the patch has 14 pieces of cloth, but is secretly a nine-patch.

Latest cabin block

In advance of the snowstorm, we dug potatoes out of the garden. We just had to remove a thick layer of hay and then about 2 inches of icy crusty soil. And voila – potatoes, nice and fresh in soft soil. And earthworms. I hope they’re okay after their bit of exposure before we tucked them back in.

4 Responses

  1. Nancy says:

    Lovely colors…looks like your world 🙂

  2. jude says:

    secretly, love that. I miss the beach walks… just lovely. and still no snow here.

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