In sympathy with snow

Lots of snow falling today (Saturday). I just love it. To celebrate, I’m stitching lots of white three-inch squares from unbleached muslin. I got this cloth from an unfinished project my mom had in her sewing stash, so it is doubly meaningful.

“Snow” squares

I had to free my grapevine orb weaving from a patch of weeds it had rolled into. It was ice-bound, stuck to the ground. A few canes released from the form as I worked it free, but it held up okay.

I moved it to a few spots to see what it looked like.

Orb on a stump
Orb in the snow a few days ago
Orb in the snow today

I really like this thing. It’s nice having it around. I’m going to add some more vines to it. Then I’ll make a few more in different sizes, put fairy lights in them, and hang them from the arbor this summer. I have a plentiful supply of grapevines.

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  1. Marti says:

    What a welcoming sight orbs with lights will be in the summer. The orb does look mystical and magical though in the snow as well. I do miss not having grapevines. The house that we rented in New Mexico, before coming to this place, 17 miles away, had an old grapevine and we planted another on the other side of the house. Besides delighting in making raisins and R attempted wine, I made a few grapevine wreaths but never thought to make an orb. I will take joy in watching yours in winter and then again in summer.

    • Catherine says:

      We got the grapevines with the property. More than we need, really. We haven’t found ways to use the grapes, they are Concord and have seeds. But I’m happy to have learned to make things from the vines.

  2. Liz A says:

    my mom’s cloth stash, bought back in the 80s, is so very different from quilting cloth today … I wish I could time travel back to get some more as it is much more welcoming to the needle when one is hand stitching

    • Catherine says:

      That is so interesting. I wonder why. My mom was stenciling designs of little bears on this fabric. I didn’t like the design, but it doesn’t show on one side, so it works well for me.

  3. Nancy says:

    Love this orb. It made me think of the recent story I heard about this company that sells tumbleweeds! Wild.
    This one seems to be taking on a story of it’s own…I see some sort of children’s book (of course I do!)

  4. Faith says:

    After reading that there are your mom’s stenciled bears on the back, I’m curious now.

    I also love the orb. I no longer have grape vines, I wonder if I could make one of honeysuckle vines. Like Marti, I’ve made wreaths, but never thought of an orb.

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