without fear of appearing foolish

Dance is not a familiar art form to me. But I found myself on Deborah Hay’s website where I ran across these statements. I like to try to apply them to poetics, whether performed or on the page. (Is lying there on the page a type of performance?)

The Aesthetic Preferences and Artistic Orientation of the Performer in the Solo Commissioning Project Conceived by Deborah Hay (1998)

_Your ability to laugh at your serious intentions at any given moment is a tool you like to remember to use.

_You have explored “self-expression” and found it limiting as a means to create performance continuity.

_You are drawn to explore movement in all its variety – either through a cultivated or ingrained absence of discrimination.

_You are not content with partial practice.

_You want your process to be continually challenged.

_Your respect for the intelligence of your whole body is unqualified.

_In performance, your non-attachment to professional training in dance or techniques in acting is a source of on-going insight, and delight.

_You are without fear of appearing foolish in your capacity to violate form in order to recognize where and why it exists.

_Integral to your experience of performance is an inclusive regard for the presence of your audience.

_You are becoming or already are skilled at monitoring your own performance.

What this means is you have developed a capacity to witness yourself from more than one perspective at once, not as a judge but a guide in the practice of attention.

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