display your privates to flax

D e a t h o f t h e p o l l i n a t o r s

ecopoetics, volume 1, page 107

I’ve been hovering around Cecilia V’s work for a few weeks, but just watching not engaging.

Online I’ve found:
Cecilia V’s facebook page
video – installation “Water Cry”
video – Kon Kón, una película de Cecilia Vicuña El Ciudadano TV / Chile
story – + Poesía, – Policía, or, The true tale of how Cecilia saved me from the overlong arm of the law
video about a magazine – El Corno Emplumado – a story from the sixties

After all this texture, sound, color, motion, narrative –

black and white text on the page seems so limited.

But I returned to the (virtual) page this morning to try again to link in. It’s a way to participate in the solemnity.

In Europe, women
displayed their privates
to flax

At the sight of vulvas
the plants grew
with great velocity

I enjoyed these stanzas the most.

One to bring in Europe. The puzzle of what is “indigenous.” I am indigenous to Europe if you go back far enough. I am concerned about the stance of children of colonists – what is there for us to do or say?

Second to bring in women. Feminism was at one time my lens through which I saw everything. I have strayed from that, with a sensation of defeat and exhaustion. This bit brought back a taste of it.

Sexuality present in the poem. Linked with the solemnity of death.

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