quiet questing questions

sometimes i get the feeling that developing and practicing a craft has far reaching implications in our personal development as well. ..a window of sorts. an edge and a meeting point between the inside and the outside. ….all things being similar, the patience to understand your material, the thought process involved in problem solving… the quiet determination that perfects a thought … the research to connect the dots and make a vision materialize…..

to understand just one thing through and through answers so many other questions for me, and it would culminate in the ability to share that feeling… my never ending quest to answer my main question, is communication really possible?

“quilting for answers,” May 14, 2007, Spirit Cloth, Jude Hill

I am so taken with Jude Hill’s craft that I’ve started reading her whole blog back to 2006.

Side note: Blog software really needs to support rereading a whole blog in chronological order. Using the archives, I can read monthly in chronological order, but within each month, I have to read in reverse chronological order. It causes a whiplash effect as I see results then run into posts on planning, but it’s worth it.

I think my main question is related to hers. I would phrase it “is intimacy really possible?”

I am committed to developing personal symbols. This is a process of attention. First one: the heavy curly bracket.It really has an impact, even if there is nothing inside.

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