november beach walk

walked at Cove Island yesterday
3 times around in a cold wind
managing my internal temperature much better than yesterday, using the pit zip!

I wasn’t meditating, but my meditation was about accepting November. I don’t think November is sad. I have two poetic phrases that include November, and none that include other months. There’s something about the sounds.

  • November invites
  • November’s lowering opals

I gazed at the lowering opals in the sky and thought about that phrase. It’s mysterious, it has a series of long O sounds, it’s beautiful. I felt the cold wind in my face thoroughly and realized it wasn’t that cold and I didn’t have to hunch up against it. I could walk straight into it and feel refreshed.


On the last leg of the walk, I noticed a view I had never looked at before. The curve of the street bordering Holly Pond and the lights reflected in the water. The lowering opals.

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