Diagonal pocket book

I made these from stash paper. This was the April challenge from my Facebook Group, Crafting Handmade Books. Instructions: structure #23, The Diagonal Pocket on page 116 of The Art of the Fold, by Hedi Kyle and Ulla Warchol.

It’s a thrill to find uses for painted papers as well as other papers I’ve collected.

I didn’t have any trouble with the instructions or the “squash fold” that was supposed to be challenging. I had trouble with the accuracy of my folds, which improved with practice. My first one was folded backwards at first and had to be redone. The backs of these painted papers are unsightly with paint blotches, and I decided to add a lining after I was done folding. It would have been a lot easier to add the lining before folding!

Papers used:

  • Blick’s cheap drawing paper painted in stripes using Golden acrylics. This was done in a Jane Davies workshop a few years ago. (Here’s a YouTube video of Jane painting stripes.)
  • Lining: strangely shiny navy blue note paper that I found in Sam’s parents’ house when we were cleaning it out.
  • Text pages for pamphlet: Masa paper recommended by Ali Manning of Vintage Page Designs and purchased from Talas. Not sure how much I’ll like this paper as it is markedly different on each side.

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