Talisman book

I stitched my four winds books into a dyed and embroidered cloth cover. The cover was made from an old damask napkin, folded in half. The pages were attached with a three-hole pamphlet stitch. I added an extra stitch (with French knot) at the top and bottom of each to hold them more securely.

I had fun stitching beads onto the spine, although it was very finicky. Bead sourcing:

  • Packet purchased at Gina’s store in Muizenberg, Cape Town
  • Felt bead made by Nicola, a gift from my Cape Town visit
  • Two Czech glass flower beads from India Flint, a gift to the class members of “a clearing in the woods”
  • Bird and silver leaves purchased at the books arts bazaar in Portland

I just love how things accumulate and come together.

Speaking of accumulating, here is a partial view of the interior. That glowing pink cane from begonia blossoms on top of old blueprint paper.

Closure: an old hair elastic and an abalone shell button.

Here’s a view of the opened book showing the nice fan effect.

Photo of cover before pages were stitched in:

This project is part of India Flint’s School of Nomad Arts class being (t)here 2019.

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