I’m working on a project under the guidance of Jude Hill of Spiritcloth in her Patchwork in Perspective course. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, and it is a revelation. I enjoy stitching and pairing fabrics but the addition of storytelling and figurative elements is new to me. The story has changed several times since my first gathering of scraps and may change again. More of this to come!

Scrap dyed by Deb Lacativa, stitched with blue metallic thread in a running stitch.

More scraps from Deb, green and purple. A scrap of orange batik purchased at Fiddlehead’s in Belfast, Maine. Silk cotton thread dyed with turmeric ( I think?) and some orange silk thread.

Tiny scraps that appeared on the work table got stitched down. Silk from Beautiful Silks (AU) dyed with natural dyes (woad + indigo?) in Maine. Purple scrap picked up on the ground in India.

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