Blue books – finished!

I finished these little woven spine books which have been languishing in a bag in my studio since the middle of May.

Why now? Immobilized with back pain. Today was much better than yesterday. So I could gingerly move around and gather what I needed. Then stayed in one place long enough to finish 3 patches of weaving and tie on 52 beads.


  • Paste paper covers from a workshop with Abbie Read
  • Text paper dyed with blue butterfly pea dye
  • Guard sheets of various scraps from my stash, cut to size long ago
  • Scraps of waxed linen thread used for sewing sections in a 5-hole pamphlet
  • Embroidery floss from Deb Lacativa used for weaving
  • Beads from Vintage Spinster, purchased in Muizenberg, South Africa, at Gina’s store

These books seem like a hodgepodge of materials pulled together. I’m not sure I’ll add any content to them. This project was inspired by Rosemary Levin’s book at Chapter Two in Corea, Maine.

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