Patches and threads

Detail of an intersection of patches. I added a beige strip to the left side of my stitched piece to give the figure there more breathing room. I had to attach some patches to the bottom to make the beige strip long enough. The precise intersection of the green and purple fabrics was a happy accident. The green fabrics in the middle of the photo are from Deb Lacativa’s big bag of dyed scraps.

Detail of water falling from a hose into the purple ground. The white linen thread makes quite effective “water,” stitched over a scrap of dyed thin silk. The thread seeds at left are stitched using Jude Hill’s “thread beads” concept.

Detail of thread smoke rising from the ground. These two loose threads seemed to want to play a part in this composition. They did not ravel loose like other threads detaching from their weave. Rather than clipping them off, I couched them down. They came to represent the innate knowledge that rises from the earth into the mind of the Knower.

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