The knowledge that surrounds us

I was stitching this frame together and my mind was turning over phrases that could be its name.

I started with obsessively thinking “between the ocean and the deep blue sea.” That became the proper phrase “between the devil and the deep blue sea.” There may have been a few more iterations of “between” then I came up with “the sea that surrounds us.”

“Surrounds” seemed right due to the structure of the patchwork. At that point, Sam and I had a conversation about ecology and the environment. And behaviors that seem kind of ridiculous and definitely futile in terms of the bigger picture. Like reusing the plastic bags and twisty ties we use to bring home bulk food from the co-op. And carrying our own plates, silverware, napkins, and wine glasses whenever we go somewhere for a meal that might involve paper plates or plasticware. We reached a conclusion that our efforts didn’t add up to much and don’t seem to be adopted by anyone we know, but we were aligning with our own consciousness. And that seemed right.

Therefore, “The Knowledge that Surrounds Us.”

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