Patch play

I laid out the two-inch patches and played with finding pleasing arrangements. I like some of these a lot and may stitch them together. Some are still a play-in-progress. My favorite part of this process might be the stitching together while pondering names for the piece. It takes time.

Hesitation: Jude is posting about adding more detail based on the grid. Tiny squares in the center and extra stitch detailing. I feel happy with the simple nine patches, but maybe I’d be even happier with more detail?

Blue and white.

Still playing with the rotation of some of these squares. I have an extra white square with blue streaks but can’t shoehorn it in. The piece demanded darkness in the center. I like how the lower center pieces make a shape that looks like a tornado.

Bronze Age moon.

Loving this unlikely color combination of the deep walnut and purple pieces with the lighthearted pinks and aquas. And that glowing peach moon.

I just stitched three of the Threadcrumbs moons into puzzle pieces today. I didn’t want to touch them, they seem so perfect unto themselves. But they really add extra dimension to the center of these patches.

  • Proud to say that some of these were dyed by me:
  • Top left from the “clearing in the woods” course with India Flint. I have leftovers. I don’t think I can explain how these colors came about, but it involved long steeping and plant matter and metal (probably iron) and a lovely piece of duppioni silk.
  • Aqua squares were dyed in a Suzanne Grosjean workshop. I think they are weld overdyed with indigo.
  • Dark bronze silk in the middle row also from a Suzanne Grosjean workshop. Black walnut.

Finding gold.

I wish I had more of that golden yellow, it’s so rich. This patch is like a summer meadow.

Moon shadows.

I originally had the purples scattered about, but it’s a hard color to coordinate. It seemed to lend a confetti-like aspect to everything it touched. So I grouped them all together with a moon. Nice. I feel contented when there is a symmetry to the colors like this. Disrupting it may be something to try?

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