Concertina Album

I made this book in Margo Klass’s workshop at Chapter Two in Corea. It was a lot of fun to make. I would like to make another just like it to challenge myself!

Front cover with inset

The inset is created by scraping a layer out of the bookboard. A laborious and messy process. The cover is glued to the bookcloth – inset face down! The cover assembly is then turned over so the bookcloth faces up. An “X” is cut into the inset area and the book cloth is scooted outwards with a bone folder to form defined edges around the inset. Finally I cut the inset paper to fit and glued it in. Next time I will measure the inset paper more accurately.

Concertina opens for display

Nice idea, but I don’t have any area at home to open this for display. I find the concertina kind of floppy for “reading” but I’m happy to have a way to preserve these prints in an album.

First page showing sweet fern print

I really love this print so I put it on the front page. The prints are attached with double-sided tape on the top edge – “tipped in.”

Last page showing horsetail print and little envelope

The back cover pastedown paper was glued down and the little cardboard envelope was attached with MacTac, cut to size.

Back cover with tiny inset.

I glued the back cover on upside down, so the inset is in the wrong place.

The photos below show a model of how the spine attaches to the covers.

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