The polyozellus multiplex

We found an unusual mushroom a few weeks ago on a hike up Caribou Mountain. Tim spotted it and I can’t leave well enough alone, so I pressured Sam to pluck it and carry it home.

Identification was made with the help of the Facebook Maine Mushrooms group: polyozellus multiplex.

We made good use of it. Cooked some, dried some for later, dyed with it on both silk and paper. The dyed fibers still smell strongly of mushroom.

Polyozellus on the forest floor

At home – beautiful texture!

Cooked in broth – strong flavor, pleasant texture

Laid out on silk strip to dye, with some due flowers

Laid out on paper to dye with goldenrod, raspberry leaf, chrysanthemum petals, fern, safflower petals and a cosmos flower

Results on silk premordanted with iron

Results on paper

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