Starting weaving – again

I’ve started weaving at least twice before in my lifetime, but didn’t get very far. Weaving should be simple in theory, but it is really kind of technical with a lot of terminology and technique behind getting a pleasing result.

Spurred on by Coronavirus isolation and having wrapped up a few other things, I splurged on an online class I’ve wanted to take for some time:

Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms

I’ve been very impatient to get through enough of the material to start to produce a weaving, but I finally managed it.

The loom is an old no-name loom, given to me by Rosemary Levin with a partially done weaving project on it. I dismantled the project, rewarped the loom, and started weaving! I used the visible half hitch header option and wove a diagonal shape with two similar yarns.

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