Landscape quilt – my large cloth

I never posted final photos of this project that I named the “landscape quilt” so here it is!

I hastily assembled it in strips a winter ago, and to my surprise, it worked out. The first time I’ve built anything so large from scratch. I’ve been considering it more now that Jude’s Hunker Down (Large Cloth) class has started. Progress photos can be found at the link here or using tag “landscape quilt“.

We sit on it every day, as it is used as a couch cover.  It’s lacking in some way aesthetically although it certainly serves its purpose: keeping crumbs and other debris out of the divots in our couch seat. I think it needs more quilting, but I’m not a quilter.

On the couch

I photographed it in halves on the clothesline. It’s two-sided so there are four halves. It’s heavy too – there’s an internal layer of an old corduroy quilt top made by my mother that was falling apart.

I think it’s a miracle that I ever assembled such a large and complex cloth. Making a small mockup of the three layer sandwich helped. I made a potholder as a proof of concept.

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