Pink moon robe

My robe is starting to feel ponderous. Full of ponder. Heavy. Dismal. Tired of this sheet and faded pants material.

I needed to up the magic, so I picked out a patch. I think it’s beautiful, this pink moon floating on peacock-colored silk.

I don’t know what’s next. I have to create a neck band. I should be able to do it with two fairly simple triangles. With the black fabric? Or maybe a lighter color? Or two-sided? Pieces? Stumped for now.

The robe is heavy-ish. And I’ll be adding more weight with the patchwork coating. The new layer will improve the vast expanse of sheet material, but will it become too heavy to wear for other than ceremonial occasions?

This garment may only suit ceremonial occasions anyway. And what would those be?

However, the pink moon is a lovely emblem and makes a fine seal for my commitment as of now.

Also I think I’m feeling overly cooped up and overwhelmed by the tawdriness of politics and seriousness of economic concerns.

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