Base is done!

These two small parallelograms (rhombi? Trapezoids?) worked great to complete the pieced neckline. The base is now stitched. The next phase, which may occur right away or after a hiatus, will be assembling some pieced strips to coat the base.

I love the tiny tuck that was needed to make this piece fit into place.

Having the neckline assembled makes the garment much more wearable. I can don and doff it without feeling like there’s something missing. And no pins to worry about!

After feeling glum about this robe yesterday, I was re-energized today by going through my stash. I found lots of light weight fabrics, including some special dyed silks, etc., that can be pieced together for the outer layer. I might do this blind — without laying it out constantly on the base — just to preserve an element of surprise/serendipity. It won’t be a vast expanse of purple sheet forever.

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