Yesterday I made a magic nine-patch from one inch squares. Then I took it outside in a snow flurry and photographed it on a rock. This was a simple ceremony.

Today I made an even smaller nine-patch by weaving thin strips of the black and white together, then stitching them to a piece of white background. I like the tininess but I want it to be square, not rectangular. It occurs to me that I could reduce bulk by weaving strips from one color into slits cut into the background piece. Will try that tomorrow! I enjoy these tiny projects that I can finish along with my morning cup of tea.

I’ve been resisting the next step on the robe. I tried pinning my magic squares on to it. The three-inch one seems too big so I pushed it to the inner back.

I found some very thin silk in brick red and brown that look good with the striped cloth. Did some ripping, positioning and draping. Then some pinning. This is how far I’ve gotten. I may cut the indigo arashi dyed silk scarf into a thin strip to go down either side. I want a touch of blue.

I also cut up a cloth shopping bag, light purple paisley on white. I got it shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding at a store in New Jersey called “Free People.” I used it to line the gateway placket.

I keep looking and looking at the garment, expecting more secrets to be revealed. It looks busy. But promising. I want to put even more details on it. Large – medium – small.

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