Sunny and warm

Finally the weather is warming up at night, and it’s okay to plant. I’ve been invoking sunshine and warmth with my patchwork project. It’s moving steadily forward. It’s easy to choose a small section to stitch and then get it done first thing in the morning, leaving plenty of time to garden!

Some photos:

Parallel strips layout
Playing with the central motif – a nest of dyed silk noil squares
Changed to “concentric” stripes – probably not the right word – and added the red/purple strips
Stitched and pinned enough to hang it outside on the clothesline
A bundle prepped for morning stitching
Today’s innovation – a circle? also introducing the idea of strip weaving

I’m loving the circular strip. It can have 12 stations like a clock face. And it reveals four triangular corners perfect for some special motifs. Today Jude wrote about theme, and using the sampler approach to a theme. It’s a place where I struggle. Probably because it’s too simple. Suns could be a theme. Leaves.

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