Solar system

An overcast day, an excuse to stay inside and play with puzzle pieces. Also, I’ve finished stitching a hem around these four solar phase circles, so trying out more design ideas. This is a rather random scattering of two-inch and one-inch squares.

Next, a more orderly cross bisecting the piece in both directions. I like looking at this. But the solar elements seem so harsh. I’m trying to think how they could be better integrated.

I also have an urge to cut up the background into squares and piece the squares back together. This would shrink the size of the cloth and make some nice lines and textural variation in the background. We’ll see. It does seem kind of busy work.

Meanwhile, I made some pieced motifs out of squares because they made me so happy. This one is adjusted with the Instagram filter “Hudson.”

Then I took them outside for a Jude-like ceremony. Photographing them against plants.

“Pieces of a foggy day” against flowering thyme
“Pieces of an early summer day” against Berggarten sage

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