Days passing

Edge motif

Somehow the days are passing. I hit on this edge motif for the solar ritual cloth, a row of one-inch squares in black and white topped with a colorful seasonal line of two-inch squares. Now that I have it I have to repeat it all the way around. It would be tedious except that it’s a perfect small calming package of stitching that builds each morning. If I can manage my impatience long enough, I will finish. It’s helpful to play with a little variation in color and pattern while keeping the element of black and white contrast.

Solar events cloth in progress

The center is another story. Round things, representing the solstices and equinoxes. I cut the circles down because they were too large and dominating. I may cut them down again until each circle is about four inches in diameter. This reduction gives me interesting border ribbons to play around with.

“Autumn” corner

I made the Autumn corner yesterday and photographed it outside. It’s unsettling to pick up different seasons than the one we are in. Summer will be the last corner I make, oddly.

There are no raw edges. I want there to be raw edges in this cloth. It’s hard for me to trust that a cloth will evolve in a preferred way. Preferred how? I seem to believe that there’s an ideal to get to, and I have to take the right steps. Just take steps, no right or wrong about it.

And the backing. I am visualizing “day sky” — something blue, mottled, and thin. Will I have to dye some blue-gray double gauze that I have with indigo to get the mottling? Maybe a dip in bleach, scrunched up? Curious. But I’m not there yet.

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