Dyeing pages

I have not been very enthusiastic about dyeing this year. Have let a lot of the dyeing season pass by already. But pushed myself to get the equipment out to dye paper for a piano hinge bound book that I’ve been wanting to make for a while now. It is not hard. I feel like I’ve been isolating from my plant friends as well as my human friends, but I only have to reach out and they are there.

The paper was pre-wetted in a dilute iron/vinegar solution, which often yields those dark purple tones that I love. Then I bundled the leaves and the pages in a single sandwich with parchment paper separating each folio. The whole batch then placed between two large tiles and weighted with three bricks. Steamed for about an hour and left alone for at least a day.

pearly everlasting and some sumac drupes
tansy and horsetail
a dramatic wild raspberry leaf
more horsetail and a sprig of goldenrod
more horsetail and sumac drupes
rosa rugosa and sweetfern
more horsetail
mugwort leaves, front and back

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