Jar dyeing

I have to approach dyeing as casually as possible, or I don’t do it because it seems too overwhelming.

The setup here was a collection of pint-size glass jars, some extracts and a bit of plant matter (coreopsis flowers and goldenrod).

The fabric was a length of natural-colored raw silk from Dharma Trading, torn into strips.

I prepared some baths in each jar using hot water and extracts of logwood, madder, and walnut. Maybe a sprinkle of alum powder? Then I simply scrunched the fabrics into balls and inserted them into the jars. Left for as long as possible, certainly overnight, or even longer if I can manage to forget about them.

I love the colors fresh from the pot, wet bright and beautiful. And they coordinate so beautifully. These are destined to fade as they dry.

  • Light purple – logwood extract
  • Pinkish red – madder extract
  • Orange shibori – coreopsis from the garden
  • Very light brown – walnut extract
  • Very light green – goldenrod from the garden

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