Bundle dyeing with plant friends

I was pleased with my jar-dyed silk strips, but I could not resist bundling them up with some plant material to make some eco-prints. I should have done twice as many strips, so I could have a plain one and a patterned one. But these were fun regardless. All the plants came from my yard or the nearby roadside.

Pearly everlasting, disappointingly pale
Tansy, really remarkably crisp, maybe due to the tannins in the base walnut
Sweetfern, a luscious and lizardy garden of greens and darks, sprinkled with spots
Horsetail + iron. Initially the print turned out very pale, almost invisble. But the iron water made it bloom into a dark jungle.
Dyer’s coreopsis, scabiosa “Black Knight” petals, “Tango” cosmos over madder

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