Dark butterfly

An experiment in reconstruction. I wove and stitched fabric strips together. Then cut them apart. Then reassembled them in the vague shape of a butterfly. Then pinned and restitched.

A challenge to stitch because there were no real lines to follow and the back sides were irregular. I couldn’t count on my fingers’ feedback from the back as I usually do because of the cobbled nature of the fabric.

Before symmetrizing

After stitching together, I folded the butterfly in half and trimmed the edges into more or less symmetry. If “symmetrize” is not a word, it should be.

After symmetrizing (side A)
Side B, which will probably be the visible side

Next steps: add the parts of the butterfly’s body. Then whipstitch the edge all the way around to help the figure stand out from the background.

I really felt emotional support from this animal of cloth. I kept it in my mind all day.

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