Caramel border

I’m in love with these squares.

Squares with borders stitched on three sides

This cloth is moving along much faster than I expected. Because I can’t get enough of the colors and fabrics and threads I’m using. And I really want to get it pieced before all the leaves fall off the maple outside of the orchard. The leaf color and the caramel-colored velveteen seem like such a match made in autumn heaven.

Auditioning Arlene Barr’s beautiful silk velvet squares for intersections

Just now I decided on two-inch borders and cut the nine squares of silk velvet needed. Pinned them roughly into place. Tomorrow I’ll start stitching them.

Arlene Barr’s velvet

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  1. arlee says:

    Thanks so much for your kind words, and what a lovely compendium the whole is looking to be. Best wishes, ARLEE 🙂

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