I just went away for the weekend – a quick trip to Connecticut – but I feel very disconnected now that I’m home.

Stayed at my niece’s one night and two nights at a friend’s. This friend is downsizing and gave me batches of cloth napkins and placemats. Of course, my mind is churning with thoughts about dyeing them and/or cutting them into pieces. I’m especially excited about the WHITE and RED napkins. Great colors.

I don’t use placemats – but maybe I should consider it? These are a pleasing coral color and coordinate nicely. On the other hand, if stitched together, they would make a great backing for a large cloth.

My friend is also an Organizer Supreme. I am not. But still, under her influence, I felt the need to go through my basket of dyed fabric and try to make some sense out of it. It was good to revisit what I had and enjoy these colors. I started thinking about squares again. Just a big pile of one-inch or two-inch squares out of these lovely dyed scraps, mostly from workshops. And I’m also thinking about Transparency. There is a lot of organza and filmy stuff in the basket. I really want to experiment with filmy layers. This is all escapism from the projects I have currently in progress, which seem to have lost their momentum after a weekend away.

This adorable pink scrap jumped out of my basket demanding my attention. I think it came from Deb Lacativa. It really needs to be stitched into a square and given a place of prominence!

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  1. jude says:

    transparency is on my mind too, I need lightness

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