learning curve

GIMP Seagull Outline

Crude, right?

But this represents:

  1. my first image created in GIMP – it’s about time!
  2. use of scissors tool to select a recognizable bird shape out of a very fuzzy photo
  3. demonstration of ability to copy shape into a separate image
  4. use of stroke tool to create a white outline – a technique I have wanted to learn for a long time
  5. an export to PNG

A lot of learning. I wanted to make a seagull brush, but that is a task for another day in GIMP.

my house will have a roof

Eluard as quoted by Bachelard:

Quand les cimes de notre ciel se rejoindront
Ma maison aura un toit.

(When the peaks of our sky come together
My house will have a roof.)

__Paul Eluard, Dignes de vivre, Julliard, Paris


Four photos from the neighborhood, blended into each other.

brutal whimsy


Not totally happy about the font, but I needed one where the letters didn’t fight with each other too much across the lines. It would have been nice if the verticals on the letters lined up, but they don’t in this phrase. A non-proportional font was one option, but I ended up with this. The blocky serifs seemed to help integrate them. Then I learned how to use the Layer Style to adjust the bevel(?) direction. Although there is no bevel. The bevel setting is pushed to the maximum.

The y is a separate type layer because I didn’t want the hanging descender. So the y is resized to fit the line. Also adjusted the bevel direction on the y to help it fit the flow. It’s got a little too much light coming from the right side, but that seemed the best of possible options.

As far as Hue, I could have made this a green background with red lights on it, but it looked inescapably like a crime scene. Too much for me. Orange on blue seemed more peaceful.