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three walks with Deb – 3

out through the blueberry fields observing large bird in a distant tree flew away as we got closer one hour about 3 miles

three walks with Deb – 2

Other side of Donnell’s Pond steep up hills and down stopped at Karen’s camp Barbie had a bonfire and Lindy reminisced about Sam years ago on the pond

three walks with Deb – 1

out along Georges Pond on the camp road long walk not sure how long phone died due to battery life or cold

after Thanksgiving

Crabtree / Jellison’s love this walk it takes some time varied scenery and long enough 3.2 miles 1 hour 15 minutes

Dorr Mountain

I climbed a mountain! In Acadia a peak experience 6 miles or so (phone turned off part way) I sketched the summit in pencil to commemorate

Point-Eastside Loop

seems too far to walk phone records 3.5 miles but it was longer twisting turning trails inside Crabtree Neck Preserve totally lost my sense of direction I’ve been here before but last time I...

poetry crawl

Not officially a walk but qualifies, being as it’s called a crawl Blue Hill Word Festival four poets, four locations Henry Finch, wine shop “Key Largo” Mikhu Paul, book store “Catch” Beatrix Gates, MAE,...